You will not be disappointed!

In fall of 2015 I met Gayle for the first time. I was not ready to buy, but because of her excellent way with me, and her kind follow up notes, I contacted her in summer of 2016 to go forward. We started looking at homes/condo’s July 6, made an offer on Aug. 3, my purchase closed Sept. 6 and I moved in Sept. 9. We had an amazing “partnership.” I never worked so hard on a project! My email inbox was full everyday with prospect properties. We were on the phone every morning by 8 a.m. to schedule an appointment and meet for a tour. We worked together on eliminating areas, and raising the bar on the areas I wanted to look at. I didn’t have to keep repeating what I didn’t want…and if I rejected a property, she accepted my reasoning, or provided evidence convincing me to look at comparable properties. I truly could not have been happier with the experience!! We are still pals a year later. She is an excellent resource and continues to be instantaneously responsive and knowledgeable. Hire Gayle Tanner. You will not be disappointed!!

— P.C.